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Have some fic.

Idek what this is about. I was writing updates for another story when I had the urge to put out some Murdock/Amy and this was the result. Short, mindless, fluffy make out fic. Enjoy :3

 Murdock is gentle, and she's not sure why that surprises her. Nothing about the man, even his slightly over the top demeanor, ever screamed that he would be rough. But it still takes a moment for her to adjust to his steady pace, soft kisses trailing down her jaw, her neck, back up again. She arches her back, thrusting her hips forward when he stops to nibble at a pulse point, and she can feel him smile against her skin as he continues his journey back up to her lips.

She meets him there with more enthusiasm than either of them expected, pushing him backwards a bit when she latches on, only to be pushed firmly back against the side of the van. The van with the red stripe that was B.A's pride and joy, the van that would be the death of them both if they were caught making out up against it.

In fact, she can't help but wonder if they'd be in more trouble for damaging the van or for having this kind of a relationship in the first place. Hannibal seemed like he had always admired the way his boys treated the only lady in the gang, almost like a proud father when Face would hold doors open for her and have no expectation of sex in return for it.

The dynamics had been set a long time ago and she had found her place, so to be risking all that now for a quick romp against the side of the van with Murdock. . .she pulls back, biting her lip while Murdock frowns.

"Y'alright?" he asks, breathless.

The brim of his familiar blue hat is tilted to the side; he raises a hand to fix it back in place as he waits for her answer, and she almost feels a pang of guilt for what she's about to say. "I don't. . .this can't be a good idea."

He looks disappointed, but not surprised as his head drops and he begins to fidget with the hem of his shirt. "Yeah, I know," and he sounds guilty, like this was something he took part in when he should have known better, like it's all on him and not both of them.

Amy shakes her head, reaching out and taking hold of his arm. "It's not that I don't want to, but. . .this is my fault. I shouldn't have. . ." she trails off. Shouldn't have what? Shouldn't have woke up that morning feeling like crap, shouldn't have smiled when Murdock cracked jokes and antagonized B.A, shouldn't have allowed herself to act on a crush she hadn't realized was there until her lips met his and everything melted away, slotted into place and made sense for the first time she could remember?

She wants nothing more than to pull him back to her, feel his warm body pressed to hers, revel in the friction between them and feel her name escape his lips against her throat. . . but she can't, it wouldn't be right. Wouldn't be what's best for the team and would undo all the respect she had worked so hard to earn among the men.

She wants to take a step back to finalize it without words, but the van against her back prevents that. Instead she looks at the ground and shakes her head. It surprises her that Murdock doesn't simply walk away. Anyone else would have - but then, she supposes, that's why this happened in the first place. Murdock wasn't like anyone else.

"S'okay, Amy," he says softly, accent thicker than she's used to. "We're still friends and all, nothin's changed. Hell, I won't even tell Face. He'd just tease us anyway."

She looks up at that, meets his eyes with a watery smile that's returned with one of his trademark grins. "Thanks, Murdock."

It's not just a thank you for his promise, and she knows he can see that. There are very few things that Murdock doesn't see.

It's a thank you for everything. Every joke and prank he pulled for her amusement, every late night meal he cooked when she had first joined the team and had not yet grown used to their less than standard sleeping conditions, hell, even all the times he purposely annoyed her, because it was in all of those things that her mind was kept off of the real troubles.

In every knock knock joke, waving the red flag before a raging B.A and bowl of homemade french fries at 3am, there had been no ulterior motives as with Face. Murdock didn't do things so she would flirt or touch or kiss him. He did things because he felt it his duty to keep her smiling.

As the two of them walked side by side back to join the others in the barn, she realized that even after their first, teetering babysteps into something more than friendship, Murdock still managed to keep a smile on her face.

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